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Makerpad is the worlds leading destination to learn, share and work together to create software—without writing code. We provide the best-in-class education paired with a supportive community and accountability.
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Build & automate your business—without writing code.

We break-down real business process, across hundreds of tools to help you understand what platforms you can leverage for your workflows.
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"I always wanted to build projects but couldn't get my head around coding. My brain doesn't work that way. If I take a course, I skip to the piece that's relevant to me. I learnt visually, by building and asking others-so we based our platform around that."
Ben Tossell
Founder, Makerpad
📣 Fun fact
Traditional courses only have a 5% completion rate. Real progress only happens when you pair your unique interests with building. Building is like fitness, you have to put in the repetitions if you want to see progress.
hours of expert lessons created by world-class teachers.
tutorials and workshops and counting. Every week more content is added.
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no-code platform as voted in the Product Hunt Awards 2019.

"Makerpad is hands down one of the best communities I've been fortunate to be a part of—I've never been more confident that I have the tools, resources, and support needed to build and grow my business."

Tessa Thomas
Founder, Recruit-HQ

Learning is a by-product of action. See what the community is building.

Learn, build, get feedback, repeat. Quick shipping, small and often. It's all about repetitions. The process is lonely unless you share.

Why Makerpad

Everything you need to start and grow a business
—without writing code

Tool Marketplace
Discover hundreds of tools you can leverage for your goals. Wework with a number of these partners.
Project-based Learning
See what the community has built and share your own. Get feedback and improve with other like-minded people.
Supportive community
The journey can feel lonely unless you share. Our community is a sounding board for feedback and helping show new ways to build things.
Self-directed learning guided by experts. We check in to see how you're doing and how you can do more.

Makerpad for teams

Educate your team to operate more efficiently. Makerpad helps teams of any size and technical ability find the right tools for their goals. We provide the know-how to leverage these tools and build automated workflows saving teams hours per week.
"Admittedly we don’t think enough about how to to automate some of our repetitive tasks. Speaking w/ Makerpad opened our eyes at several time saving possibilities we had not considered"
Cesar Kuriyama, Founder

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