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Startups looking to automate repetitive tasks and processes. We also work with tools looking to get in front of the no-code movement

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Transform your ideas and bring them to life. From Marketplaces like Airbnb to Membership sites like Makerpad! No-code helps you ship ideas faster and validate quickly.
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automate at work

Automate your repetitive tasks

No-code is a huge new toolkit for the workplace. Non-technical employees can now be empowered to build their own tools and automate. Save hours with sales tools to spreadsheets.
A Zapier Work Resolutions Report shows that 36% of workers say being overloaded with busy work is a key source of stress.
Case Study

Lambda School use a variety of no-code tools for different processes, including their admissions process. They've raised $48M in venture funding and scaled to 3,000 concurrent students.


Lambda built their admissions process on Typeform and moved their marketing site to Webflow. They use Zapier for data cleaning automations.


10-20 hours a week saved, without using engineering resources

Products Used
Case Study

Crash has an engineering team but uses no-code tools to test ideas and ship features faster than building them from scratch.


Crash built a lead-gen tool, power user profiles and test new payment tiers easily with Typeform. Airtable powers their job board and Carrd/Webflow are used for landing page tests.


Custom job recommendations 30x faster than building their own version. Creating and publishing landing pages without involving engineering.

Products Used
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Why no-code?

Learning to code is not the answer.
Before no-code
Hire expensive developers
Learn to code
How do I build this?
Find a technical co-founder
This is so repetitive, can I automate it?
After no-code
Build solutions faster, by yourself
Save money
Validate quickly
Control the process
Save hours of menial tasks
and more

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