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Get inspiration and see what’s possible by reading short stories from people like you building and launching no code projects.
Caleb Barclay built Dwellito, a marketplace for backyard, modular homes using Webflow, Google Sheets, Zapier and Airtable. He built it in around 40 hours and generated over 4,000 sales leads.

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Building projects on your own can be frustrating, especially when you get stuck. That’s why our community of over 500+ makers is here to help support your journey.

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It can be difficult knowing what tools to use, but it doesn't have to be. A no-code stack are the building blocks to build your project.

Submit your idea and we'll tell you how to build it.

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With online classes taught by live instructors and one-on-one mentoring, Lambda School is your gateway to a new career in just 9 months. And the best part? You won't pay a cent until you land a high-paying job.

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Read stories from professionals and creators just like you, building businesses and tools without code
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Paul Jarvis

No code levels the playing field, anyone can create courses like this and teach what they no, without being forced to use a platform and without having to do anything in terms of tech skills. It’s really just connecting services to each other.

Caleb Barclay

It’s a great time to be a maker. The no-code movement is democratizing entrepreneurship.

Irma Mesa

I know how to get by with coding but I also work full-time. After finding Makerpad and the community that Ben has created I’ve felt more confident in building and shipping products and idea.

Josh Miller

As a non-technical, former Sociology major, I'm eager to see more people have the same ability to have an impact without necessarily needing to know how to 'write code'.

Max Joles

Makerpad is the ultimate community for entrepreneurial generalists, like myself. I love that I can think of an idea and bring it to an active community of people who help me build it. I’ve made a handful of great friends in the process.


The best thing about "no code" isn't so much the "no code", but rather how it further dismantles the bullshit notion that making stuff is an activity reserved only for Very Serious Developersβ„’

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Makerpad is the answer


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