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Idea to 1,000 subscribers in 2 months
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Idea to 1,000 subscribers in 2 months

Dianna can actually code (gasp) but decided to use no-code on her latest idea. Her story was written on MakerMag so check out the post there (link below)

Budget Meal Planner is a content-based website that thrives on helping people eat for only $5 a day. I personally write weekly meal plans that gets sent out to subscribers inboxes every Friday morning. Just in time for a weekend grocery trip and the new week ahead!

This passage is lifted from the article but shows what went into the product.

Going the no-code route

When I first started Budget Meal Planner at the end of March this year, it was actually only a newsletter sent through Mailchimp. After all, that’s the basis of it: a new meal plan every Friday.

After two months, I noticed there was a demand to have the previous meal plans accessible. That’s when I found it was time to upgrade the project and introduce a website.

I wanted to get something up quick, so I went with Wix. Sure, it’s a more costly option than if I were to code it myself. But, in this situation it was a matter of time is money and I didn’t want to spend much time on coding. I also had some backing by my Patrons that I felt was only appropriate to give back in the form of a website.

Going the no-code route saved me so much hassle for the future. As I said, I started learning to code back in November. I can build landing pages and am familiar with PHP and JS, but I don’t know how to implement ecommerce or membership features behind a paywall. Wix gave me all of that and now I’m able to scale this project without having to delay because I have taken the time to teach myself.

I think the no-code movement is beautiful. It’s allowing people to create without judgement (well, we all have our opinions). Budget Meal Planner gained interest quicker than I ever expected, and I was able to easily access the necessary tools and features to keep the momentum up.

No-code has it’s time and place, and this was definitely mine.

Going no-code: from idea to 1,000 subscribers in two months