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July 29, 2020
Partner announcement

Makerpad + 8base

We’re excited to introduce 8base as Makerpad’s latest partner. 8base is a low-code backend-as-a-service platform and also has a team that helps Makers design and build scalable products.

The 8base Platform is a powerful backend-as-a-service that provides everything you need to build and run production ready, professional-grade web and mobile apps through the world’s most powerful GraphQL API. 

Frontend and mobile apps can be built using your framework of choice by your own development team or 8base’s team working in partnership with you.

Applications built on 8base benefit from having a managed relational database and serverless architecture that automatically scales as your app grows. Files, images and attachments are stored in an encrypted object storage service that serves content for rapid and reliable global distribution. You can cross link 8base with external data sources to easily query information from different systems, like, and securely expose your Enterprise data through a unified GraphQL API - even while giving your app real-time capabilities.

8base is great for building SaaS products, marketplaces, business applications and more and is appropriate when dealing with multi-tenant, multi-persona, workflow- and data-intensive apps. The product itself is intended for use by developers but non-developers are huge beneficiaries of the Platform. With 8base a small team, even a team of one, can accomplish big things!

Check out their company profile to see how 8base can help you bring your application to life. Their services team also consists of highly experienced entrepreneurs and product designers that have built products used by millions. Ask your 8base questions and share your projects in the community to get started.


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