Makerpad + Causal
July 30, 2020
Partner announcement

Makerpad + Causal


We’re happy to share that Causal is Makerpad’s newest partner. Causal lets you build financial models and visual dashboards in a clean and more interactive style. Causal can replace your spreadsheets and your slide deck too. It’s a modern way to power data-driven teams with the software they need. Causal has lots of different use cases from financial modelling, ROI calculators and performance marketing for growth reporting too. Use their live templates for different industries. Plan and forecast outcomes by using ranges instead of fixed values to understand multiple scenarios. Share interactive, visual dashboards that hold people’s attention and communicate the important data points. Causal integrates with your existing data sources and has add-ons for your favourite spreadsheet tool too.

Check out their company profile to see how Causal gives you a new way to work with numbers. Ask your Causal questions and share your projects in the community to get started.

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