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October 7, 2020
Partner announcement

Makerpad + Mesa

We’re excited to announce that Mesa is now a Makerpad partner! Mesa is a no-code automation platform, built for Shopify stores & e-commerce processes. Turn your repeatable tasks into workflows that run in the cloud. Automate marketing, service, sales, and all of the other processes that drive your online store. 

Create a workflow within Mesa by simply linking apps and services so they can share data. With Mesa, it's easy to integrate different applications, implement processes, and quickly deploy new innovations to your Shopify store without needing to write code or create custom apps.

Mesa can help e-commerce marketers create personalised experiences for their customers with promotions and adverts. It can integrate applications that drive your ecommerce store to increase your productivity. Mesa can also grow your subscription business, optimize your inventory and manage your operations & logistics with customised notifications. 

Check out their company profile to see how Mesa can accelerate your e-commerce growth, no coding necessary. Ask your Mesa questions and share your projects in the community to get started.

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