August 19, 2020
Partner announcement

Makerpad + Passbase

We're pleased to announce that Passbase has joined as our latest partner. Passbase is an identity verification, Know-Your-Customer and anti money-laundering solution that helps companies onboard users from over 190 countries and screen 6,000 government IDs in 14 languages. Passbase allows you to design a verification engine that fits your business needs, from email and address verification to document authentication & biometrics too. It can be integrated with no code at all and be added to checkout flows in a matter of seconds, without needing a developer. The Passbase toolkit protects your business against fraud and helps your conversion rates too.

Check out their company profile to see how Passbase can help you to securely manage your sensitive identity data. Ask your Passbase questions and share your projects in the community to get started.

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