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October 29, 2020
Blog post

What is no-code?

Written by Amie Pollack

No-code is a way of building on the internet and automating processes without writing a line of code. It is a way of thinking, a creative expression, and an act of resourcefulness. It is an answer to the question, “How can I use what exists to create something new?” No-code is just as much a mindset for the modern-day worker as it is a new way to start a business or launch a side-project.

It empowers people to test out ideas, build a business, or save time without spending thousands on a developer or hours coding. No-code is not anti-code either, as the tools that enable the no-code community are very much the by-product of talented engineers. In fact, you will find engineers within the no-code space either utilizing no-code as a way to conserve coding resources for mission-critical projects or as a reprieve from the technical aspects of creating. In general, it is a landing pad for those who have tried to learn code and struggled or a launching pad to learn how to code.

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No-code is not a new movement but new enough for the community to have an ongoing conversation on what to call someone who uses no-code. Are we visual developers? Creative technologists? Automation engineers? Or are we simply no-coders?

The extent of what you can accomplish with no-code is expanding each day as people get creative and as tools release new features. The possibilities are evolving every day. At the foundational level, tools like Zapier empower people to automate routine tasks within and across tools using ‘zaps.’ Or, you can create a dynamic app for your phone powered by Google Sheets using Glide. You can create a landing page in 15 minutes using Carrd, or you can make an entire website from your phone using Universe.

While no-code can be as simple as automating a ‘Thank you’ email after someone signs up for your newsletter, it can also handle the complexity of building a business like Etsy using Bubble or building prototypes of Epic Game’s Civilization in Webflow.

Ultimately, no-code is defined by what we do with it and what we create. So, what will you automate or create?

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