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November 20, 2020
Blog post

What's new this week: Nov 16 - Nov 22

by Ben Tossell

A quick recap of some of the most interesting things we've seen this week in no-code.

1. Gumroad Memberships


What it is

A super easy way to add membership tiers, take payments and give content to your members.

Why it's interesting

Such a simple way to give creators the tools they need to create paid communities, courses, software, newsletters, and more. Gumroad is already a huge platform for creators to make a living, and it just keeps getting more powerful.

I built a membership site with Gumroad in under 8 minutes (demo below). We'll be adding tutorials soon around Gumroad memberships, sign up to view them when they're launched!

2. Squarespace Members Area


What it is

Make parts of your Squarespace site accessible by members only.

Why it's interesting

Another no-code tool enabling it's creators to build membership communities/sites. Recurring revenue is extremely valuable, and no-code tools know that.This offering isn't as customisable as Gumroad's but it's still a step in the right direction. Squarespace is a huge platform that gets overlooked in the no-code world but really, it's an OG. I don't find it super intuitive for myself but Amie loves it and tutorials will be out soon on Squarespace members areas. Stay tuned.

3. dashdash updates


What it is

New Twitter functions, better tables, and more.

Why it's interesting

dashdash is the spreadsheet killer. Twitter is often difficult if you want to actually dive deeper than just Tweets (and now, Fleets!), but with the new updates you can now:

• SEARCH_TWEETS_TWITTER: Find tweets by keywords.
• SEARCH_USERS_TWITTER: Find users by name, company, location, etc.
• UNFOLLOW_USER_TWITTER: Unfollow a user.

They've also added features to make your spreadsheet building easier

• Insert multiple rows/columns.
• Delete multiple rows/columns.
• Define cell references between tables using your mouse.
• As well as some cool UI tweaks.

4. Internal's no-code/low-code survey


What it is

Internal ran a survey about the potential and growing potential of no-code/low-code.

Why it's interesting

Internal Survey Says No-code/Low-code Will Be IT Priority in Next Nine Months. The research indicates that over the next nine months, no-code/low-code will be a priority for nearly all (96%) IT and engineering decision-makers because of the lack of software engineers and new pressure on businesses due to COVID-19.

5. Adalo Sprucing Up Support, Slack, & Sunsets

What it is

Adalo is sprucing up its support process and community forum so that they can better serve it's, uhh, community.

Why it's interesting

Lots of people default to Slack when setting up a community but Adalo has been growing over the last 12 months and having to be intentional on how they serve their customers. New needs arise and old ones die. It's an interesting insight into what goes behind the scenes of these decisions. They also talk about a bunch of educational resources and opening up a public bug tracker.

5. Convertkit's Autosave on email sequences

What it is

Autosaving while writing email sequences

Why it's interesting

Because how fucking annoying is it to write such a perfectly beautiful email campaign to have it lost because you didn't save?! Now, that problem has been solved for the MP team - as well as many others too!


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