Build whatever you like without code in 30 days, present to our judges and win an iPad Pro!
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Are you waiting for someone to tell you when to start the project you've been thinking about for the past few months? How about September 1st?!

Build whatever you like without code, work on it with the Makerpad community, and launch the project within 30 days. Let's show off what you can create in one month!

📝 Rules:
  • Create an online product/website/service in 30 days
  • On September 1st, post what you plan to create on Makerpad and use the tag #mpc-t30
  • Post updates about how it's going in the discussion thread for the Monthly Challenge in Makerpad community and use the tag #mpc-t30
  • When you're done with your project, submit it as a Project on Makerpad (New Feature!) and tag it with #challenges #mpc-t30
⏳ Timeline:
  • 28th September is final submission day
  • 28th - 30th September, community voting open
  • 1st - 2nd October, top 10 projects go to the judging panel
  • Winners announced 4th October
🥇 Judges:
  • Shaan Puri - Special projects @ Twitch & Host of My First Million podcast
  • Brianne Kimmel - Investor, Worklife
  • Ryan Hoover - Founder, Product Hunt
  • Anne-Laure Le Cunff - Founder, Ness Labs
  • Sahil Lavingia - Founder, Gumroad
  • Mubashar Iqbal - Prolific Product Builder
  • Lacey Kesler - Founder, WINC
  • Tyler Tringas - Investor, Earnest Capital
  • Pieter Levels - Founder, Nomad List + Remote OK
  • Wade Foster - CEO, Zapier
  • Andreas Klinger - Investor, Remote First Capital
  • Tara Reed - CEO, Apps Without Code
  • Cat Noone - CEO, Stark
🏊 Prize pool:
  • iPad Pro !!!
  • Makerpad Swag
  • Amazon Gift Vouchers
  • more prizes in progress
🏆 Winning Criteria:
  • Originality of the idea
  • Progress made
  • Skill level shown


  • Is it time to launch your photography portfolio? 📸
  • Those t-shirt sayings you've been thinking up are hilarious. Sell them? 👚
  • Launch a community around your favorite hobby and make some internet friends 👯‍♀️
  • How about a recipe website? Don't give away any family secrets 🤫

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