Create attractive, interactive webapps from spreadsheets in minutes.


Feature rich
Easy learning curve
Dynamic data
Quick to build


unlimited free apps under 100 page views each
$600/yr for 1 starter app
$2500/yr for 1 pro app


are not yet on Makerpad 😲. Let them know they should be!


Spreadsheets are great to store business data. Yet nobody likes to read someone else’s spreadsheet. AwesomeTable brings spreadsheet data to life, makes it understandable, shareable and actionable.

With AwesomeTable, any business user can easily display spreadsheet data that looks nice, add interactive filters, full text search, and publish in any website or intranet.

AwesomeTable works great with images, videos, hyperlinks, and anything from the web.

Our users create catalogs of products, suppliers, knowledge-bases of procedures and processes, maps of offices, points of sales or production sites, people directories, and so much more.

We have 8 main view types: table, cards, maps, charts, geocharts, orgchart, gant chartt and slideshow.

Create your app in 4 simple steps:

1. Pick a spreadsheet

Choose the source of the data, Google Sheet or Microsoft Excel, that you wish to display.

2. Pick an App Type

Pick the type of app that best fits your data, or an existing template.

3. Configure your App

Enhance your Awesome Table by adding filters, images, buttons and much more.

4. Embed your App in Your Website or Intranet

Embed your interactive, easy-to-read Awesome Table to your internal or public website.

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