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Internal is the fastest way to build and maintain internal tools without code or SQL. Hook up your databases, business apps and existing services with Internal. Then drag and drop front-end components (like tables and buttons) to build robust, custom tools on top of your data. Deliver tools for any team workflow, like an approval queue, customer lookup, order refund, data processing, and other types of tools. Save engineering time, unblock internal teams and accelerate the way you do business.

Internal is the fastest way to build and maintain internal tools without code or SQL. 

What are internal tools?

They’re all the tools that your internal teams, like customer support and operations, need to do their jobs. Businesses develop their own internal tools to process data, view customer profiles, approve new users, flip feature flags, execute refunds, and anything else they need to operate.

How Internal works

Connect to your data, wherever it is

Internal can securely connect to a wide variety of databases, business apps, and services (such as MySQL, Postgres, Salesforce). You can also connect via HTTP to any web service, which means you can connect to your company’s internal APIs or create your own integrations with 3rd-party data sources. 

Build tools with components

Once you’ve connected your data sources, you can then drag and drop visual components like tables, forms, images, charts, and buttons that can read and interact with your data and services in ways that you define. Build robust custom tools in just minutes, with no code required. 

Deliver and securely share your tools

Internal also takes care of all the tricky stuff surrounding internal tools - things like roles and permissions, user management, and audit logs are built-in, so you don’t need to worry about it. 

Internal frees your engineers from internal tools and empowers your internal teams to build what they need without code, helping your business move faster and deliver more.

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