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Data predictions from any spreadsheet or database. All you need is historical data.

We started building Intersect Labs because we observed that machine learning problems are everywhere, but machine learning talent is not. Intersect Labs enables anyone to start making predictions from their historical data in 3 clicks. If you know how to use Excel, you should be able to make accurate predictions using our software. Read how our customers are using it.

Data Wrangling, easier than ever.

Stack transformation options and automate repetitive preprocessing tasks that data scientists usually make.

Higher model accuracy, faster.

Our software will clean your dataset, train various models and identify the best one for your data. In a matter of minutes.

Predict, anything and simulate outcomes.

Make predictions, simulate different outcomes, and understand the factors that most influence your business.

Easy to integrate, everywhere.

Integrate your best models with the apps that you already use. It is time to say goodbye to closed ecosystems.

In control of your data, forever.

Your data belongs only to you, forever. We use 64-bit TLS for routing data, and we never mix multiple customers’ data.

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