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Real-time search, dynamic filtering, and more for Webflow


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Jetboost provides power-ups for Webflow like real-time search, dynamic filtering, and more — all without requiring you to edit any code. Design your site however you want in Webflow, then sprinkle in some Jetboost classes on top, and boom, suddenly you've got a much more powerful site.

PS if you've spent much time on Makerpad then you’ve probably already used Jetboost! All of the real-time search and filters on the site are powered by Jetboost.

Works with any Webflow site

With Webflow you can add custom code to your site, but you’ll often need to spend hours, if not days, trying to debug the Javascript code you found, just to get it working on your site. Jetboost works with any Webflow site, regardless of how you’ve designed it.

Effortless step-by-step setup

Jetboost's visual editor makes it easy to add powerful features to your site. It’ll even instantly verify that you’ve set it up correctly on your site.

Try for free

Use Jetboost on any of your staging sites for free, indefinitely. Only purchase a Jetboost subscription when you’re ready to go live with your site.

See what others are saying

* Just took me circa 9 minutes to set up. #mindblown

* You just answered my prayers with this 🙏

* I just used Jetboost on a site i'm working on and it's super simple, took about 15 mins in total and has a great verification workflow, to make sure you've followed the steps correctly