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Slack is a collaboration hub for work, no matter what work you do. It’s a place where conversations happen, decisions are made and information is always at your fingertips. With Slack, your team are better connected.

Project discussions, important documents, free food announcements: they all live tidily together in Slack. With your team and information in one easily searchable place, collaborating online is as easy as collaborating in person.


Communication in Slack happens in channels, organised by project, topic, team or whatever makes sense for you.


Conversations in Slack are searchable by everyone, so you can tap into company knowledge and find information when you need it.


Slack works with the tools and services you already use every day. Pipe in information or take action without leaving Slack.


We take security seriously at Slack. We offer measures such as 2FA and SSO to ensure the safety of your data and protect your organisation.


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Anebi Agbo
Founder @ Eikon Labs. We help companies make ship happen faster w/o code.
Tomas Laurinavicius
Content marketing consultant and lifestyle blogger.
Hady ElHady
Content Strategy @dashdash
Kyle Kepner
Writer and marketer (formerly amateur, recently pro) learning NoCode to build useful tools for sports fans.
Sean Tierney
Founder Charity Makeover, Host Nomad Podcast, blog at
Erwin Blom
Online since 1994
Andrew Jernigan
Founder @InsuredNomads Int'l insurance start-up in beta mode now, online launch on March 31
Greta Sia
Greta is an illustrator, graphic designer, no-code developer and creative thinker based in Sydney. More about her:
Brian Meller
Digital marketer building a gaming site for fun. Eager to learn more about no-code solutions for personal and professional projects.
Jonas Krauss
Maker - the simple no-code machine learning tool
Mark Bowley
I build automations, workflows and tools for clients and as personal projects.
Keith Bradley
Designer, Architectural Visualizer/Illustrator. Maker.
Mike Williams
Founder @ BuildLab. 2x Inc. 5000 honoree. Building no-code, full-code and everything in between.
Corey Haines
By day: Head of Growth at Baremetrics. By night: Creator of Refactoring Growth, Mental Models For Marketing, and Hey Marketers
Michael Gill
I'm a CTO & #nocode advocate. I help people turn their ideas into products. 🐣🍄🏆
Sota Mikami
Service Designer based in Tokyo. Love Figma, Notion, STUDIO
Scott Finney
Increase your customers from Google Search Results. Take up the most space on the first page of Google to get more customer visits to your business!
Teresa Villanueva
Design craft.
Dou Ozgen
Biz Dev - Maker in the Making
Emmett Armstrong
Marketing & automation consultant for creative entrepreneurs.
Mariam Hakobyan
Founder @Softr. Enabling entrepreneurs build web-apps without code.
Chris Abra
Small business owner and enthusiast of all things no code!
David Coven
Founder @ Scholarship Junkies | I help people get into college, go for free, and land their dream job
Mohammad Najmuzzaman
Product Manager, Runner Up at Product Hunt Makers Festival, Nocode Maker, Intercultural Trainer, Public Policy Enthusiast
Luqman Zainal
No-code maker / Chartered Accountant. Work experience as an external auditor for PwC and internal auditor for a financial services company. Loves creating things online and reading about business. Tweet me to get in touch.
Mark Magnuson
Founder @ Bildr - Design, build, and launch SaaS products without code 🚀
Matthew Pupa
Creative Technologist with 10 years experience in analytics, now switching to design with a focus on no code tools
Tony Dehnke
Building a B2B SaaS, and learning no code along the way. :)
Tessa Thomas
Founder of Recruit-HQ, fitness instructor and tinkerer—trying to build helpful solutions to some of the problems I've encountered.
Luke Sexton
Operations @ HireVibes | no-code has changed the game. Loving being able to build things I need
Mitchell Wright
Growth and strategy at Lambda School.
Tom Osman
Maker at Makerpad.
Ben Tossell
Founder @ Makerpad
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