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$20/year for individual gmail.com (400 emails / day)
$40/year for individual G Suite account (1500 emails / day)
$240/year for 10-user on a G Suite domain (1500 emails / day / user)
$500/year for 25-user on a G Suite domain (1500 emails / day / user)
$1000/year for 50-user on a G Suite domain (1500 emails / day / user)
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Send and Track Personalised Mail Merges From Gmail in 3 Simple Steps

Prepare Your Mailing List on Google Sheets

Create your Google Sheet with your mailing list. You can automatically import from Google Contacts.

Write your draft in Gmail

Benefit from all the editing features (inline images, hyperlinks,...) from Gmail. Add personalisation with template variables.

Send And Track Your Campaign With YAMM

Open YAMM in Google Sheets to send and track your email campaign. You'll be able to track opens, clicks, responses and bounces and follow up.

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