What's Makerpad?

Makerpad pairs tutorials, templates and guides with a community to help you build and launch ideas without code.
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If you’re new to no code, we publish tutorials to show you what’s possible and get you started. Copy our process and learn through viewing and building alongside our tutorials.
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Our templates let you get up and running with your project or idea fast, with easily copyable templates for all of the major no code platforms like Webflow, Carrd and Airtable.
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Building projects on your own can be frustrating, especially when you get stuck. That’s why our community of over 500+ makers is here to help support your journey.
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Office Hours

Unsure if your idea is possible? Our Office Hours is a live call that you can join to share what you want to build for immediate feedback about what tools we recommend that will help bring your project to life.
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"MakerPad is the ultimate community for entrepreneurial generalists, like myself. I love that I can think of an idea and bring it to an active community of people who help me build it. I’ve made a handful of great friends in the process."
"MakerPad had really opened my eyes to the extensive possibilities with no-code tools. MakerPad has allowed me get back to creating. The membership is worth the value!"


We believe the best way to learn is to have fun building and collaborating with others on real projects with an incentive. Our challenges have real cash prizes, and help you become an expert in a fun, collaborative environment.
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Makerpad aims to be the most up to date resource for knowing which tools could be right for your next project. Browse our library of verified tools and resources.  
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Our latest insights on being a maker, brought to you by indie creator (and founder of Makerpad) Ben Tossell.
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Find roles that are right for you at growing no code companies. Join our membership to get warm introductions based on the skills you develop with Makerpad challenges.
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Browse through our member directory and submit your own profile to grow your network and meet potential collaborators.
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Are you developing some serious skills in the no code space? Submit your profile to be an expert and get hired for short term gigs helping build tools for growing businesses.
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"MakerPad has been an essential resource for me and 20Startups: helping me ship and test concept ideas at speed, with a helpful and warm community to bounce ideas off"
"I know how to get by with coding but I also work full-time. After finding Makerpad and the community that Ben has created I’ve felt more confident in building and shipping products and idea."

Founder Stories

Get inspiration and see what’s possible by reading short stories from people like you building and launching no code projects. 
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Product Reviews

Wondering which tools are best for your project? Makerpad Product Reviews are deep dives into top no code products, sharing the pro’s, con’s, and everything you need to know to make a decision.  
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Company profiles

We provide numerous ways for your company to get in front of thousands of no-coders each week.
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