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Demand Generation Manager

San Francisco
biz dev

"We are looking for an experienced B2B demand generation marketer to start our marketing team. In this role, you'll wear multiple hats and leverage multiple resources, ultimately to drive top of funnel signups for Retool.
Currently, all of Retool's inbound traffic is from word-of-mouth. It’s fortunate that we’ve gotten this far without any demand generation strategies, but ultimately, we need to take control of our growth and understand what levers we can pull in order to further accelerate it.
Your day to day responsibilities will include
- Generating new ideas for top-of-funnel demand generation (e.g. investing in community-building, attending conferences, SEO, SEM, content marketing, etc.)
- Evaluate these new ideas, and come up with the best ways of testing each (e.g. creating a list of 20 keywords we could rank for, and ranking the importance of each; coming up with a list of content-marketing topics, etc.)
- Actually executing and implementing each strategy (e.g. attending a conference, ensuring we rank for a few keywords, etc.)
- Measuring and iterating on each strategy (e.g. if SEO for a few keywords is working — what’s the next step?)
We're looking for someone that is
- Experienced, ideally having worked at, and successfully generated demand at a B2B company before
- Ideally: are semi-technical, and have experience marketing to developers
- Open to experimentation and uncertainty: since we haven’t tried much marketing yet, there is significant uncertainty and experimentation that needs to be done
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills
- Demonstrated track record of generating demand

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