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Makerpad started out as the resource for individuals to learn and build no-code solutions for their businesses. Today, we help thousands of no-coders learn to build projects and ship ideas faster thanks to the support of our content and community.

Quick info

  • Makerpad is looking for an EA to help us stay organized.
  • Role: Part Time/Remote (20 hours per week with possibility of full-time)
  • Who: Extremely on top of details, deadlines, and organization.
  • Why: We have a large number of projects in motion, and would love someone with a strong propensity to like things organized, documented, and communicated. We're looking for someone who can make sure everyone has details when they are needed, and can find information to share when needed.

The Role

Here are some examples of responsibilities you'll be running with...

  • Create and send out invoices
  • Collect user information, source the best suppliers and send out swag
  • Research company information and organise it to be easily digestible
  • Super organised and can co-ordinate events across multiple calendars within the team.
  • Create step by step process documents for internal workflows. e.g. We record a process that we do (i.e. uploading a podcast episode to the blog) and then you'd put together a step-by-step process of what's involved.
  • Organise and manage travel schedules

Example Project: Makerpad has an upcoming live webinar scheduled with a business partner of ours. This live workshop needs...

  • To be published as an event on the site
  • To notify our business partner of the date of the webinar, as well as details related to it
  • To have our internal team aware of the upcoming webinar on our calendars
  • To have the correct information on the webinar page as it relates to the business partner (and confirmed by them).
  • To answer any questions about the status of the event.

But then, due to a schedule conflict with our partner, this event moves. We're looking for someone who would naturally...

  • Notify all stakeholders about the change
  • Check to ensure the new dates are added to the events page
  • Suggest (think ahead) that we notify event registrants, not forgetting to update them.
  • Confirm again with all stakeholders the new dates for the workshop.
  • Recommend after the event has been completed that we follow up with the partner for feedback.

After this is all done – you would document this process so it is clear for the next event that rolls around.

Who we're looking for:

  • 2+ years of previous experience working remotely in an EA role.
  • Comfortable using and learning new apps and platforms (Airtable, Zapier, Notion, Webflow)
  • Very comfortable with remote work and autonomy.
  • Diligent ability to document details and process.
  • Interest in the no-code space

Does this sound like a totally easy thing for you to to organize and manage?

Great! If so, please email with a...

  • Subject line: Makerpad Executive Assistant
  • Short bio
  • A bit about your process and philosophy for your work
  • Please share any examples (written out) of work you've done in the past that fits what we're generally looking for above.  ****
  • This role is remote and we're looking for someone with a timezone cross-over with the UK
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