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Managing Editor, Public Content

San Francisco
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About Us

Holloway is a new publishing and technology company in San Francisco that publishes comprehensive, practical Guides researched, written, and refined by experts. Our first Guide, The Holloway Guide to Equity Compensation, is now one of the most trusted resources on the web for navigating the swamp of challenges related to equity-based compensation.

We’re a six-person team with deep experience in writing, machine learning, and search that believes we can create a world where access to existing knowledge isn't a barrier to making progress in our careers.

What we're looking for

Holloway is looking for a Managing Editor to lead a unique public (free) content creation effort. Beginning in July, we will launch our first paid product, The Holloway Guide to Raising Venture Capital. This Guide will be the first of many paid Guides. To reach each Guide’s intended audience, we will create and publish public content that aligned with these audiences on a regular schedule (see our post on product-market fit for an example). This role is at the intersection of editorial and marketing. We want to make it clear that the editorial quality bar for what we will produce is far higher than that of 99% of what most people consider to be content marketing. Every piece we publish needs to be considered by far and above the best thing ever published on the subject.

The Role

  • This role is at a minimum manager level & will report to the CEO
  • Your top-level mandate is to publish two posts on par with our Essentials of Product-Market-Fit every month. You will own hiring a team of writers to assist you in carrying out this objective.
  • We will rely on you to independently recruit, train, and coordinate additional editorial staff (researchers, copyeditors, proofreaders, and fact-checkers) as needed
  • This role is a marriage of editorial and marketing. You are responsible for publishing content so deep and helpful that people organically share the content. You’ll need to balance the need to create content that meets a high editorial bar but also functions as an effective marketing tool to attract people to
  • You will own the editorial calendar and manage to deadlines.
  • Coordinate with Courtney Nash, who leads the production of paid Guides on all things editorial, so our writing is consistent in technical depth, helpfulness, and style.
  • You’ll manage and edit your team to an exceptional standard of technical depth and helpfulness.

Required Skills

  • Independent execution ability: You can make a project’s tactical plan in your sleep and work across the organization to get it done. You can take an idea for a piece all the way from conception to publish by yourself if necessary.
  • Independent recruiting ability: You can find, recruit, and hire writers, copyeditors, proofreaders, and fact-checkers independently. Within two weeks, you believe you can have 1-2 people working with us.
  • Fluency in coordination: You know the difference between delegation, abdication, and micromanaging. You know when to adjust your management style relative to your reports’ task relevant maturity. You’re comfortable managing a team of 5-7 and assigning work out to a larger group of contractors.
  • Excellent writing abilities: You love language and have the ability to write with precision and clarity. Technical nuances of language matter to you. You also prefer direct language over opaque or highly academic writing.
  • Fluency with content marketing: While we think most content marketing is awful, we need you to understand how to use the best practices in content marketing for good as well as grasp the basics of how a marketing funnel works, tracking campaigns, conversion rates.
  • Strong logical and analytical skills: You hate misleading statements, sloppy thinking, circular reasoning, logical fallacies, and other abominations.
  • Attention to detail: You can systematically apply guidelines for high quality.
  • Technically literate: You’re quick to learn new tools and software when it helps you be more productive. You’ll either have to be familiar with markdown or learn it.
  • Self Awareness: When you don’t know something, you’re very good at learning it, even from primary sources.

The Holloway Story

Holloway started with two people: Andy Sparks and Josh Levy. Andy left his last company fascinated by one question, "What are all the questions Google doesn't provide a good answer for?" Josh, inspired by Doug Engelbart's theory of "intelligence augmentation (or IA)" not "artificial intelligence (AI)" wanted to create a place to share and collaborate on deeply practical knowledge. The two got together in early 2017 with a shared commitment to spend at least ten years working on creating a company that would make it easy for everyone to find the best knowledge, you know, the stuff the top 1% of people in a field know.

Many of the ideas for Holloway came from open source experiments Josh ran on GitHub from 2015-2016. First, he published The Art of the Command Line, which would go on to see more than 800K visitors. Second, he published The Open Guide to Equity Compensation, in the fall of 2015, a collaboration between Josh and several startup lawyers. Third, he published The Open Guide to Amazon Web Services (AWS) in the summer of 2016. The latter two each saw hundreds of thousands of visitors to the GitHub README page and hundreds of contributors.

Andy, on the other hand, had just left a company he co-founded, Mattermark, had spent months researching the clean water industry, and kept finding the best knowledge on clean water wasn't showing up in Google searches, but instead through conversations with venture capitalists he knew from Mattermark. What if the knowledge these experts knew was widely available? What would the world look like then? To test whether people would care, he began exploring publishing collections of knowledge on specific subjects for others to learn from such as "Everything You Should Know About CRISPR—And Where to Learn More."

Shortly thereafter, a mutual friend put two and two together and introduced Andy and Josh. The two spent months learning about each other and reconciling their differing ideas, and decided to join forces in February of 2017

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