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Marketing Role


Makerpad started out as the resource for individuals to learn and build no-code solutions for their businesses. Today, we help thousands of no-coders learn to build projects and ship ideas faster thanks to the support of our content and community.

Part to Full Time (20 hours a week to full-time)

Makerpad is looking for a creative marketer to join our team. This position is remote (although ideally close to the UK timezone. Years of experience isn't absolutely necessary but what is essential is a track record of marketing engaging and unique content or projects (even if just personally). We're looking for someone who can...

  • Come up with fun, unique and creative ideas for how Makerpad can further gain awareness in the no-code space.
  • Manage, schedule and launch multiple campaigns (videos, podcast, blog posts) across platforms.
  • Help us develop a brand voice and personality across all channels
  • Build engagement and boost our impact across our social media channels

Some interesting reads/listens that we find super relevant for this person would be:

  • This is not a T-shirt by Bobby Hundreds link
  • Unbundling work from employment by Li Jin link
  • Why MasterClass Isn’t Really About Mastery by Adam Keesling link
  • 10 YEAR VISION: WRITE OF PASSAGE by David Perell link
  • How GitHub Democratized Coding, Built a $2 Billion Business, and Found a New Home at Microsoft by Hiten Shah link
  • Naval Ravikant on Education — Almanack of Naval Ravikant link
  • ‘We’re an anomaly’: Barstool Sports CEO Erika Nardini on building a ‘lifestyle brand’ link
  • Austin Rief & Alex Lieberman: Morning Brew’s Secret Sauce listen
  • Dave Portnoy and Barstool Sports’ Secret Billion Dollar Plan by Pomp link

**we don't necessarily support the folks behind these brands but love how they execute

The Role

This role is a mix between a creative marketer and a social media manager. We're looking for someone who can pitch and execute new ideas and run with them. We've got a whole host of areas with an existing audience, partners and companies to work with. Here are a few ongoing campaigns which you can work with...

  • Deep Dives
  • Feature Launches
  • Tutorial Launches and awareness
  • Partner Collaborations
  • Events

Extra credit if you know something about SEO and paid advertising

We believe the person suited most for this role will likely be....

  • Hungry to make an impact
  • Curious and constantly learning
  • A natural at engaging with other folks online and does this already for fun
  • Has projects in the past that show their enthusiasm for launching fun ideas to attract attention.
  • Keen interest in the no-code space

Does this sound like something totally up your alley?

Great! If so, please email with a...

  • Subject line: Makerpad Marketing Role
  • Short bio
  • A bit about your process and philosophy for your work
  • Please  Submit a link to something you've done to attract attention online that you felt was particularly creative. Please write a short (~250 words) bit about the idea, execution, and follow up from this idea.
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