Podia Membership / Course Area Build

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Podia Membership / Course Area Build


For the past 5 years our team here at Online Fitness Business have been helping personal trainers to become better marketers and sales people and more specifically how to grow their online coaching businesses and help clients all over the world

We're great at what we do

But terrible with technology

We're looking for a more tech savvy, no coder with an eye for making things look nice (you don't have to be a design expert)

To help us build the shell for our online courses and programmes inside Podia and make sure that they function

You won't be uploading the content or creating learning materials

Simply building out the courses, modules and products inside Podia

Ensuring that when someone buys from us the correct products are unlocked and that when we have uploaded content everything runs as it should. So familiarity with zapier and stripe would help too

- With guidance from our Founder Sukh and head of education Dan you'll build out our courses inside Podia

  • We'll let you know how many different courses, how many modules each one should have and how many trainings within each module

  • You'll build that out - minus the content. We'll add in the relevant videos and resources afterwards

  • Ensure when sales are made new customers are given access to the correct courses

  • Be able to advise and suggest ways for us to better use our LMS

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