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Product Marketing Manager

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Give people superpowers

The aha! moment when you first create something meaningful with code is a one of a kind feeling, and to someone who's never experienced it before, almost indescribable. At Parabola, we give that feeling to everyone whether or not they have a background in software engineering.

Parabola is closing the productivity inequality gap with a drag-and-drop, visual programming platform. We're starting with knowledge workers (e.g., marketing, sales, operations) and empowering them to increase their productivity leverage and become self-sufficient without having to learn how to code.

Our users consistently describe Parabola as their new superpower that makes them feel empowered to solve any problem that comes their way.

Make a huge impact

You’ll be joining Parabola as one of our first 15 employees. You’ll have the opportunity to learn and grow with the company, scaling both your skills and experience as Parabola doubles down on our explosive growth. We'll work with you to set your own trajectory, and together ensure you have as much opportunity as you strive for. We're looking for people who want to come do the best work they've ever done, and we'll help make sure they're empowered to do so. Said differently, we're excited about where you're coming from but much more excited about where you're heading.

Parabola is a highly product-centric company, and we rely on our product team to help drive the rapid adoption and deep emotional connection our users have with us. Core to our mission is taking highly technical capabilities (e.g. a programming language, IDE, deployment process, serverless compute environment, cron job, etc.) and abstracting them away so that non-technical users can take full advantage in as natural a way as possible. We've made great strides here but we'll still early. As our first full time marketer, you'll be crucial in helping us craft our story and communicate that a highly curious, analytics, and creative person is hiding within everyone eager to be given the tools to run wild.

If you’re excited by solving these types of challenges and want to have a massive impact on the team and technology, we want to talk to you!

A great week would be..

– Ideating, outlining, and writing a post aiming to educate the world about the value of increasing their productivity leverage.

– Hosting an event for the top power users in our community to engage with each other share some of the most interesting things they're building in Parabola.

– Analyzing conversion data to identify the best performing channels and strategize how to double down on them next month.

– Presenting a lunch & learn to the rest of the team on Twitter engagement best practices.

– Meeting with product management and the CEO to develop new messaging for the marketing site as well as some ads.

– Making the messaging changes and deploy them straight to production so we can start collecting results ASAP.

About you

Experience: You have 3-5+ years of experience scaling marketing at fast growing companies. We're flexible on scope of role and compensation depending on amount of experience.

Writer: You are a phenomenal writer, able to take complex (sometimes technical) topics and distill them into concise, persuasive messaging.

Leader: You are interested in growing into a leader within the company in all aspects—from design systems to product roadmap to overall team/business.

Tinkerer: Are eager to be highly experimental and have a grasp for how to apply both quantitative and qualitative criteria to determine what is and isn't working.

Promoter: You have an innate sense of how to create content that resonates, how to get it in front of people, and how to encourage them to engage with it.

Can do: Your default is to figure out how to solve a problem, not why it can’t be done.


– Custom desk setup w/ equipment of your choice

– Fully covered medical, dental, and vision insurance

– Flexible work & generous vacation policy

– Lunch and team meals 5x per week

– Monthly team events (past events include cooking classes, mini golf, bowling, and more)

– Team led lunch & learns (past lunch & learn topics include TypeScript, loose leaf tea, and more)

– Dog-friendly office

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