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Senior Engineer


Loomery is a young strategy and technology consultancy. We make it easier and faster to build better things.

We bring together teams and tools to create stand-out digital experiences, rooted in customer need. We move fast, keep things simple and ship early.

By forming flexible teams with the right skills for the task, and equipping ourselves with the latest design, prototyping, research and development tools we slash the time it takes to get V1 out in the world. In our first two months our team have delivered new digital experiences for The University of Exeter and NorthEdge Capital.

You will be employee #1 or #2 and will join the founders, Brett Thornton and Tim Checkley. Brett and Tim are strategy and product leaders with over two decades of experience delivering for many of the most ambitious organisations in the world including Apple, The Met Office, Visa, NatWest and Tesco.

We are passionate about creating a diverse company that’s a stimulating and supportive place to work - and one that leaves the planet better than we found it.

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Job Responsibilites

We're looking for someone who is excited about the challenge of building a business. We’re hoping for someone with curiosity and excitement about the new generation of low-code tools and modern development accelerators, and is eager to discover how far they can be pushed in the pursuit of outstanding digital experiences.

We’re looking for a technical leader who is: - A skilled technologist, who has taken high-quality digital experiences (web or mobile) to market. - Comfortable working with, evaluating and discussing multiple common web and mobile technologies, languages and frameworks. - Always learning, pushing the boundaries of new technologies and cutting-edge tools. - Experienced collaborating with non-engineers to deliver against customer and client outcomes, and craft impactful products. - Able to solve challenging technical and non-technical problems independently and autonomously. - An excellent communicator, who can work effectively as part of a collaborative team, alongside clients. - Experienced working with cross functional teams using Agile practices and continuous delivery.

It’s not essential, but it helps if: - You have experience hiring and developing a team. - You have experience pitching and winning work. - You have worked with clients for an agency or consultancy. - You’re knowledgeable about the low-code ecosystem (tools such as Webflow, Adalo, Airtable, Zapier and Shopify).


We’re looking for a Senior Engineer to create Loomery with us. We want someone who can shape our technical approach, drive growth by delivering products successfully, build a technical team and win new work.

As one of our first permanent team members, you will help to establish the fundamentals of Loomery alongside us as founders.

In the role you will: Be the technical lead for our initial engagements, working with Loomery and client teams to design and deliver high quality products. Contribute to Loomery’s new business efforts, pitching and representing the business externally. Recruit a technical team and coach them to successfully deliver quality products faster than our clients thought possible. Build a deep knowledge of market leading low-code tools (Honeycode, Webflow, Adalo etc) and modern development tools (Flutter, React) and apply them effectively.

The role will report into Tim, who has a background in product delivery. Over time we want this role to evolve into a key leadership position within the business.

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