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Whether you're building a personal website, looking to automate your work or start working on a business idea, using no-code is the simplest way to do them all.

On this page you'll find information covered in the live talk, as well as links, resources and further context.

Take our course: Getting Started with No-Code

We’ve designed this free curriculum for anyone wanting to learn how to build online without code, whether it’s a business, an app, or automation. We recommend you take the modules in order but feel free to dip in and out of what's most interesting and relevant for you to learn.

Certification is given on completion of the course.

Makerpad resources

Slides from the live session on 10 June 2022 - link
The No-Code Playbook - link
A Quick Guide to Launching a Business eBook - link
Podcasts with Ben Tossell, Founder of Makerpad - link
Makerpad community stories - link
Makerpad Tool Directory - link
Superpath case study - link
Halo Cars (automation) case study - link

Extra resources

Carrd (website builder) the basics - link
Zapier (automation) overview - link
Glide (mobile apps) overview - link
How to come up with business ideas, by Sahil Lavingia - link

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