Tell us a little bit about your background and general experience?

Hey, I'm Alex (but you can call me, Arod) and I'm a tech founder and currently building Electrician Path. I grew up in the residential construction space helping my father with his company. So naturally I've been building products for the industry to solve my own needs I've encountered.

I decided to build Electrician Path due to the labor shortage and noticing that there wasn't many modern hiring solutions for skilled trade workers. Focused on electricians due to the shortage being among the highest in labor shortage and also one of the highest paying wages. Our goal is to build the marketplace for Millennial and Generation-Z electricians.

What did you build and how did you do it?

Used Webflow to build the home (and marketing) pages. The backend was built entirely with . Our first version was a simple landing page and job board to validate the mvp. That was built over a weekend. To get our product to be functioning as a hiring platform and network for electricians, had taken us about 3 weeks overall.

We decided to move forward with Webflow and Bubble because we believe they are able to support a project that can scale best (imo) and also most familiar with them.

Our product allows [aspiring] electricians and current electricians to discover opportunities in the electrical industry (such as jobs, trade schools and unions). They are able to apply to these opportunities (like a job) and also showcase their work history and affiliations with our site.

On the employer side it works similar to an Indeed/Monster. Our focus  quality versus quantity by attracting millennial and Gen-z electricians.

'Quick Stats'-MVP built in weekend. -Current product in ~3 weeks- Employers on our platform hiring- Launching in Texas next month

What do you think about no-code?

I love the no-code movement because it enables people to build products regardless if they can code or not. I believe this will enable a new wave of entrepreneurs and even a few startups that become industry leaders, built entirely with no-code.

I was an early member of Makerpad. I love the community and all the building that everyone is doing. A lot of us share similar similarities that we are non-technical but love to build and sell. No-code helps bridge that gap. No-code is still in the early days and I look forward to seeing it get better. One of the biggest limitations right now is handling complex tasks, lot's of data.

Where can we learn more?

If you're an electrician (or aspiring electrician) check us out and sign up and let us know what you think. . Any employers who want to get set up, we'd be happy to do so:

Furthermore, I'd be happy to answer any questions someone might have. I can be reached @headhonchoarod

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