Our mission at Makerpad is to bring no-code to everyone everywhere and to do that, we need to be able to create, highlight and promote the best content available.

Now, up until this point, the vast majority of our content has either been created by the core team at Makerpad or by our members who regularly build and share epic projects or workflows.

Outside of Makerpad, as the no-code space has matured, more and more creators are spending time crafting incredible no-code content to help bring no-code to the masses.

We wanted to find a way to be able to support these people to not only continue doing what they are doing but provide them with any additional help they need to grow.

So today we are announcing the launch of Makerpad Creators.

Makerpad Creators are a handpicked group of people already doing incredible work bringing the power of no-code to everyone through videos, tutorials, illustrations, live-streams, podcasts and much more. Now we’re in a position to be able to partner with these people to help amplify them with our network and share their content with the community.

So without further adieu, we’re happy to announce the first group of 6 Makerpad Creators.

Makerpad Creators

Doc Williams

Famous for his YouTube Channel, ‘Build with me’, Doc is a no-code streamer and regularly builds several businesses with one tool on his stream! Most recently, he live-streamed the build of 50 Business Ideas from the ‘My First Million’ podcast.

Doc is as well-versed as anyone when it comes to building solutions without code and we’re looking forward to sharing his content with the community!

Join us for the first live-stream hosted by Doc this Wednesday the 25th of November where we’ll be building an eCommerce business in under 60 minutes. Register here and be reminded when it goes live here. Also, make sure to follow him on Twitter.

Nelson Abalos Jr

Known by his pseudonym the ‘Pixel Geek’, Nelson has helped countless amounts of people grasp the powers of Webflow! If you have ever spent any time searching how to do things with Webflow then there is a high chance you will have come across a tutorial, video or stream from Nelson!

Most recently, Nelson launched the Pixel Geek Community, empathy and honesty led with the goal of making the web beautiful together!

Follow Nelson on Twitter and expect content on Makerpad in January.

Sisa Lleses

If there is one thing that needs more attention from the no-code community it is design, and more importantly ‘Design Thinking’. Meet Sisa, the founder of Design Off The Boat, an all-women crew for all women founders.

Based in Toronto, Sisa uses design thinking workshops combined with no-code tools to deliver amazing results for her clients!

Expect to see some Design Thinking and Social Impact workshops and content coming soon! Make sure to follow Sisa on Twitter.

Madhuri Maram

One place where the no-code community is growing at an incredible pace is in India. Based in Hyderabad, Maduri is the founder of Nocoloco, a place for makers to build, launch and validate business ideas in no-time with no-code.

Maduri is bringing more people into the no-code space by creating a wide range of educational content in the form of courses, videos, blogs and workshops! Also, she is the founder of no-code product studio and agency Xperian where they help build and ship products without code.

If you are just starting out your journey into building without code then expect to see some great content from Maduri soon. While you’re here, make sure to follow on Twitter.

Romy Misra

Creating videos for YouTube and doing them well is extremely difficult, but Romy seems to pull it off in a way that not only makes it seem like she’s been doing it forever but also delivers incredibly insightful no-code content consistently. Her channel Make Something with Romy is an up and coming gem!

Romy creates tutorials on how to use no-code tools and has videos using tools like Super, Notion, Webflow and Airtable.

Expect to see more videos from Romy covering what’s possible with no-code tools on Makerpad soon. In the meantime, subscribe to her channel on YouTube.

Max Haining

Best known for his ‘100 Days of No-code’, Max has been leading the charge to give people the structure, inspiration, content, personalised support and accountability to learn how to no-code and bring ideas to life.

So far Max has helped hundreds of people to start building by putting together workshops, tutorials and courses! If you want to see who is taking part then open Twitter and do a search for the hashtag #100daysofnocode.

You can expect to see content from Max on Makerpad soon, and you can also follow him on Twitter.

That’s it for our first batch of Makerpad Creators! I hope you take the time to check out their profiles on the site, give them a follow and also check out all of their content via the links in the post. Additionally, if there is anything content-wise you would like to see put together we’d love to hear from you in the Community.

‍Finally, if you would like to apply to become a Makerpad Creator then apply here.

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