Join us for the the kick-off session for the Makerpad Community Challenge live on Zoom at 6pm BST.

Challenge OutlineCan you sit on your couch and make new friends around the world? One of the greatest joys is finding people who care about the same things as you! Using no-code tools, you can create a place online for people who care about the same things to meet one another, discuss those interests, and work on new ideas together. In this challenge, you have three weeks to build a place for people to meet online and start to find your people!

  • Create a new online community around something you care about
  • By October 7, post in the Makerpad community what you will be building your community around. This encourages you to engage with a community, an important thing to do if you are building a community.
  • By October 21, submit your community as a project on Makerpad, with the tag #community
  • September 23 - Announcement and Registration opens
  • October 1 - LAUNCH and launch meetup
  • October 7 - Post in the Makerpad community what you will be building your community around, and a meetup to discuss those communities
  • Scattered in-between webinars with these partners
  • October 14 - Meetup to discuss progress
  • October 21 - Submissions for challenge are due - submit as a project on Makerpad with the tag #community
  • Creative use of technology
  • Level of engagement within community
  • Originality of community

Top 3 winners get:

  • Gumroad - 1-year subscription to our creator account
  • Super so - 1 year subscription
  • Circle - 1 year subscription to professional plan
  • Memberspace - 1 year subscription

This event took place on 5 October 2020

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