The Makerpad T30 Challenge turned out to not only be an incredible opportunity to make some new things, but a great way to see the talent in the Makerpad community and find some places to connect with one another! Thank you to everyone who kept us updated and helped their fellow makers in the community forum and at the Thursday meetups!We had 69 project submissions, built using so many different no-code tools, from Bubble to Webflow to Glide to Adalo to Bildr.

Congratulations to Neo by Andrew Dowd and Luke Kavanagh for coming in first place!

Neo Coach - Fitness App

It was a tight battle with by Kieran - Nocodelife who came in second! - Daily Video Check In's

Coming in at third place is the very impressive Game Builder by Jason K!

Game Builder - Classic Game UI Builder

Along with some incredible finalists:

Mobius by zachary king

Notion + Causal Ads Report by Mack Grenfell

Shoutout by Sharath

Subport by Axel by Rohit

Good From Home by Lewis Clayton by Mark MagnusonThank you all for engaging and putting in the work this month to build some amazing products!Keep an eye out for upcoming challenges - especially you Bubble masters ;)

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