Having problems with your profile?

There's a variety of common problems that have cropped up in the past. Here's how to solve them:
I'm clicking 'My Profile' but I keep getting an error

This will be because your profile is not technically setup yet.

How do I know if my profile has been setup?

Head to the users page and type to search for your name, if it's not there then it's not yet setup.

Ok so how do I set it up?

Head to the profile setup page and follow steps 1 through to step 3.

I see my profile in the list but what do I do next

Ok great you're almost there! You need to go to Edit Profile and fill it out a bit more.

I'm submitting questions/projects/tutorials on the site but nothing is showing up

Check that you have your profile setup. See the above 'How do I know if my profile has been setup?'

I'm still having issues

For the quickest response, ping us on Slack or send us an email.