The Community Creator’s Toolkit - A six-week program that explores how to successfully build, grow, and manage an online community ⭢

The Community Creator’s Toolkit

A six-week program that explores how to successfully build, grow, and manage an online community. Join us as we talk to industry leaders building communities & explore the tools that power them.
From October 12th - November 20th 2020
Watch live builds and create real solutions
Live cohort and lifetime membership
Custom tutorials built around the content
Expert video workshops and Q&As
Remote and recorded, go at your own pace
Discussions and feedback with Experts & Peers
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Program cost is $900. Team discounts available.
Weeks 1 & 2

Building Indispensable Communities

How do you start a community from scratch? Turn an audience into a community? The best tools for building and operating your community? Learn about the leading platforms in the community space and how successful communities are built and operated
Weeks 3 & 4

Community Engagement and Experience

How do you make members stick? Discover how to create an exceptional community experience for your members that cultivates authentic engagement within your space.
Weeks 5 & 6

Growing and Scaling a Community

How do you scale community? What changes as you go from 0 members to over 1,000 members? How do you track ROI and growth? How can you monetize community successfully? Explore how to be consistent with your Community.

Live sessions with these experts

Courtland Allen

Indie Hackers

Steph Smith

Trends by The Hustle

Nick Frost

Community @ Docsend

David Spinks

VP Community @ Bevy

Rosie Sherry

Community @ Indie Hackers

Najva Sol

Founder Summit + Earnest

Mac Reddin

CEO @ Commsor

Noele Flowers

Community @ Teachable


VP community & belonging @ Brandwatch

Will Mannon

Course Manager, BaSB + WoP

Jesse Middleton


Lolita Taub


David Sherry

Community, Jacuzzi Club

Danielle Maveal

Ex-Etsy, Airbnb, & Lyft

Erin Mikail Staples

Product & Community Builder

Alex Marshall

Special Projects @ First Round

Greg Isenberg

Investor of internet communities

Ben Tossell

Founder @ Makerpad
(👋 hi)

Jesse Parker

Community @ Zapier

Jacob Peters

Co-founder Commsor

Bill Johnston

Founder Structure3c

Erik Martin

Chief Community Officer @ Teal

Jono Bacon

Ex Dir community GitHub

Evan Hamilton

Director Community, Reddit

Coming soon...

More speakers to be confirmed
Watch live builds and create real solutions
#LearnInPublic while we build in public. Follow along, ask questions, and learn best practices.
Live cohort and lifetime membership
Connect with others in your space and continue your learning journey after the program ends with an ever-growing collection of tutorials, challenges, and bootcamps.
Custom tutorials built around the content
We won't just talk about Community workflows and solutions, we'll bring them to life with step-by-step tutorials so you can implement what you learn.
Expert video workshops and Q&As
Learn from the people behind successful communities and about the tools they use to operate them. 2 sessions a day, 3 days a week.
Remote and recorded, go at your own pace
A global cohort makes it difficult to all meet at the same time. While we would love to have you join us live, we'll record live sessions so that you can learn regardless of your timezone.
Discussions and feedback with Experts & Peers
Submit questions before live sessions in the Makerpad community, collaborate with others, ask for feedback on your Community initiatives.

Tools we'll cover...

Frequently Asked Questions

Who should sign up to The Community Creator Toolkit?

This program is for anyone who wants to hear from leaders in the Community space and learn about the tools to manage them.

This program is not just about ideas but about putting those ideas into practice. A lot has changed this year when it comes to Community. New tools have launched, IRL communities have had to go URL (online), and URL communities have had to scale faster than ever.

So whether you are thinking about starting a Community or have been running a Community since AOL was on CD-ROM, this program is for you.

Can teams join?

Yes! Team pricing is available and the best part is that everyone on your team will get access to a Makerpad membership for life.

This means your team can continue learning on our platform and discovering the best tools and workflows for your team & your company.

How much does it cost?

For individuals, the cost is $900 until October 1st and then will cost $1200.

Can I expense this with my employer?

Every company has a different policy regarding education budgets. If tuition reimbursement through your company is a possibility you'd like to explore, once you've applied we can provide insights that have helped past participants secure approval from their managers and HR.

What if I'm already a Makerpad PRO Member?

Awesome! This program is 50% off for our PRO members. Please reach out to us here for your coupon code and reference the email address associated to your account.

($450 if you sign up before October 1st, and then $600 after)

What is the time commitment?

It's 'buffet-style', attend what you want but you'll get out of it what you put it.

We will have 2 live sessions a day, Tuesday - Thursday, for 6 weeks.

Live sessions will happen between 5pm-8pm GMT/10am-1pm PST. These sessions will be recorded and available if you cannot make one or several of them.

There will also be accompanying tutorials and resources that you can consume on your own time.

What if I can't attend the sessions due to scheduling conflicts and/or timezones?

All live sessions will be recorded so that you can access them regardless of timezone.

Is this an interactive program?

You will get out of it as much as you put into it. You will have the opportunity to submit questions for our guests, join live sessions, and connect with others in the cohort, interested in Communities.