Webflow landing page by Monday


$500 - $1,000

Type of service

Project built for me


Looking for someone with experience in designing a landing page using Webflow. I have decent experience but looking for someone to get the page to 80-90% completion and I can make final tweaks. Please note all copy and basic copy layout descriptions will be provided. I have already started the page on a template I like and will have specific section design that needs to be implemented. I am looking for minimal but meaningful design. The landing page is for a business lending product so some experience in designing in financial services would be great but not required by any means. I will prefer to see at least 1-2 completed landing pages or websites. This will likely lead to more work in the future.
Explain why you're the perfect person for this job, give estimates for budget and scope. Be transparent with any limits you (or the platforms have). Also, please give links to your existing projects, portfolio etc.
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