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Building multiple side-projects

Test several ideas with various project builds.

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We are currently talking to experts in this space and getting their insights on what their processes look like. We'll compile them and re-create them in a structured video bootcamp with quizzes, a live community and project submissions to help you build similar workflows. Want to contribute? Please complete this 3 minute form, or pass it on to someone who's expertise we should definitely explore.

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Introducing building projects

In this bootcamp we will show you how you can level up your no-code skills by creating a number of different projects using tools like Webflow, Memberspace, Memberstack, Jetboost and Adalo.

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Introducing building projects
Start building projects and businesses without code
Membership Site with Webflow + Memberstack
Build a Membership Site with Webflow + MemberSpace
Multi-filtered Directory Site with Webflow + JetBoost
Freelancer Marketplace with Adalo
Final project for Building Project
Build your own project with what you've learnt

Course description

Building Projects is a course for people looking to turn an idea into a business. In this course, we will show you how you can create common marketplace businesses to sell digital goods, physical products, or services.

What you'll learn

  • How to connect multiple tools to run a business.
  • How to start selling products or services to users.
  • How to make member-only content.
  • How to use Airtable as a database for a website.
  • How to create filters in Webflow.

What you'll build

  • A membership site with Memberspace and Webflow
  • A website where users can sign up, log in and out, and access member-only content using Webflow, Memberstack, Airtable, and Zapier.
  • A multi-filtered directory site using Jetboost & Webflow.
  • A Freelancer marketplace using Adalo.

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