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Makerpad has highlighted platforms I never knew existed and showing how powerful they really are. Since learning about Integromat on Makerpad I signed up and now build every automation, for my clients, with it. Parabola is now also in my toolbox thanks to their instructional videos. I'm astounded by just how much you can manipulate your data in Parabola; sometimes creating a whole new product opportunity in the process!
Glenn McWhinney
I found out about Sharetribe through a tutorial on Makerpad. Never knew it'd be so easy to set up a fully automated marketplace. This really allowed me to move our business from MVP into the next stage of actually making money with it. Full time on it now!
Pier Stein
I found all the tools I'm using right now on Makerpad. I'm using Webflow and Bubble for my projects. It's incredible to see this community growing and realize all the possibilities I can do with no-code tools, and I always recommend Makerpad for every maker.
João Gonzalez
A Makerpad member found out about Tonkean via the weekly newsletter. He was hired shortly after reaching out to them.
Airtable were able to add another member to their team. One of the members who was creating tutorials for Makerpad was hired recently.
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What they say

What community members are saying

Makerpad happily serves thousands of creators from all over the globe, at all levels of experience.
"Makerpad and the No Code movement have given me the ability to be limitless - I feel like I can build anything at this point without code. And when I get to problems that truly require code, I have market validation that it's a problem worth solving - dollars are the best signal indicator in this game."
Sanjay Jenkins
"I have seen my productivity increase exponentially as I can now focus on building solutions - a lot faster. Being a member of Makerpad has also helped me tap into the collective wisdom of all in the community - priceless if you ask me!"
Anebi Agbo JR
"The no code movement allows more people to participate in automation and building. There are a lot of tools and products that can be built without any engineering help. Those tools can be a huge time saver for companies by automating repetitive tasks."
Mitchell Wright
"For a small engineering team like ours (2 full time senior engineers, 1 product manager with some junior-level chops), adding no-code tools to your stack allows you to ship tests and features much faster than building them from scratch. Focus on your core value-add, what you are building that no one else has, and use no-code for everything else."
Chuck Grimmett
"I think the no-code market is incredible. It gives superpowers to anyone who doesn't know how to code OR people that do know how to code but are looking to launch a lightweight product that still gets the job done for users"
Irma Mesa
"Makerpad has been an essential resource for me and 20Startups: helping me ship and test concept ideas at speed, with a helpful and warm community to bounce ideas off"
"Makerpad is the ultimate community for entrepreneurial generalists, like myself. I love that I can think of an idea and bring it to an active community of people who help me build it. I’ve not only learned a lot about the no-code landscape, but I’ve made a handful of great friends in the process."
Max Joles
"No-code is all about empowerment; levelling the playing field, so to speak, for all workers to be able to increase their productivity by building solutions that work for them as individuals and teams, above all else. I believe that this is the future of business"
JP Bertram
"I hadn't considered myself a no-code founder as my business isn't necessarily a tech startup but the reality is, it wouldn't exist without no-code tools and their ease of use. There are likely thousands of extremely talented but poorly connected and non technical founders out there who can now bring their ideas to life without a multi year learning curve"
Sukh Sidhu
"It’s a great time to be a maker. The no-code movement is democratizing entrepreneurship."
Caleb Barclay
"Makerpad has provided me with a community of support, a sounding board for ideas, and tutorials/information for further ways to help our business grow efficiently and effectively."
Chris Abra
"I genuinely think no-code is going to change everything. People will be able to create almost anything irrespective of how technical they are, which is going to really help to bring more diversity and creativity to the entire entrepreneurial space."
Dani Mancini
"No-code is just getting started! I'm excited that it's allowing a whole new set of people to create projects that wouldn't have been able to otherwise. It's opening up the to more than designers, developers, and other "tech" people. As someone who knows a bit of coding but doesn't always enjoy it, I'm excited for the no-code and low-code future!"
Bryan Zavestoski
"The no-code movement has me fascinated. It's given people from so many backgrounds the chance to think up and build businesses in a very low-risk and flexible way"
Andrew Davison
"Makerpad had really opened my eyes to the extensive possibilities with no-code tools. MakerPad has allowed me get back to creating. The membership is worth the value! It comes with great templates and step by step videos that will get your project up and running 2x faster!"
Naya Moss