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From ex-programmer to running a charity with no-code


Sean Tierney
Quick Stats

Charity Makeover


Bali, Indonesia

Day job:

Ex-Programmer, Ex-Director of Sales

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Charity Makeover

A customer story from Makerpad

From ex-programmer to running a charity with no-code

Can you tell me a little bit about your background and general work experience?

I was a programmer in a past life but I’ve not programmed for some time. I moved into more of a business operations function, tried a few startups of my own and most recently served as Director of Sales for a hosting company for the past five years. I’ve just left that job  and decided to pursue something entirely new. That’s how I found the no-code tools.

What started your journey into no-code?

I actually met a digital nomad in a co-work space in Thailand who recommended Adalo as a potential platform on which to build my passion project. I was able to build 80% of my project idea in four days which is amazing. What made that even more amazing was that the founders of Adalo were in the Adalo Slack group and when I bumped up against limitations with the platform they were quick to address the deficiencies and resolve these obstacles.

“I mean it was absolutely unreal what I could build in Adalo in such a short amount of time.”

Would you like to share with us what you are working on?

Well many years ago I got involved with Startup Weekends, where people would come and build projects over a weekend to work and develop relationships with other founders and builders. I noticed that on these weekends, amazing things would get built and then people would go back to their lives and there would be a kind of graveyard of projects left to the side. So, I thought maybe these weekends could be focused on building technology and solutions for local charity and non-profit organisations. So, now we (Charity Makeover) host meetups to build rolling projects that are maintained by the community to support charities.

What have you found most surprising about the no-code community so far?

I looked at the space two years ago and it was clunky. Now, since jumping back in with Adalo, it’s really impressed me the level of quality. I mean, if you have ever built a native iOS or Android app, you will know just how hard that is, and this platform allows you to do so much. Most of the functionality you would build is there, it’s really impressive.

What tools or platforms are you thinking of/ have been using for your no-code project?

I’m mostly using Adalo, Zapier & ActiveCampaign. – Mixpanel customer journeys and Webflow are next on my list next to do intelligent cross-channel notifications and to make our web site’s content dynamic.

A request/ up and coming thing you want to plug?

We actually have an event this coming weekend that people can come to if you are in Bali. You can get the details here https://charitymakeover.org/2020/02/meet-the-charities-bali-march/. We recently packaged this whole experience as corporate team building exercise which you can learn more about here: https://charitymakeover.org/corporate. You can reach out to me on Twitter https://twitter.com/scrollinondubs  via our website https://charitymakeover.org/contact-us/


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