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Enabling scientists to carry out research without code


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Tools used: WordPress

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Enabling scientists to carry out research without code

I’m Shuhan He, MD; Founder of ConductScience and the Boston-based startup MazeEngineers. Emergency Medicine physician at the Harvard Teaching Hospital Affiliate, Massachusetts General Hospital.I don’t really have much experience with coding but I was able to build ConductScience based on WordPress and a visual composer, so no coding was needed. ConductScience provides custom talent for scientists to carry out scientific research.A lot of science requires really specialized skills that are hard to find. Traditionally labs have had to hire post docs and scientists in their lab to acquire the skills needed to make scientific discoveries. Our company increases the fluiditiy of the scientific market by giving talent that can answer questions like statistics, or make custom glassware or and custom products as a service for scientific labs.

1. I used WordPress and with the help of the team we applied some custom CSS for the site.

2. It took me 3 to 4 years to create ConductScience.

3. I have never been interested in coding, so I learned about other methods I can use that do not require coding and that’s how I came across WordPress.

4. Currently, ConductScience works with over 500 partners to develop scientific tools. We also supply many clients with our products. Here is a list of companies that we supply, just to name a few, and we have more in our digital health division as well as scientific talent division.

Total employees number approx 25. (Revenue numbers not disclosed due to government contracting regulations).

1. It’s important to me that startups and entrepreneurs are able to build platforms without having the fear and thoughts about learning programming or coding. We also have decided to be bootstrapped as a no code founder. Making the decision to be bootstrapped is, without doubt, the toughest thing about growing ConductScience, despite the benefits it brings. Relying on our own revenue to grow means that we have to work really hard to cut unnecessary spending and only work on things that have a great chance of a healthy return on investment. This discipline is both, the hardest thing we do but also the most important source of our strength. This means that we have little waste and everyone has the same expectations of productivity.

2. I know my strength lies in science and medicine, and not in coding. I think that the best thing you can do to grow a product is to take your strength as far as you can. For me, this was designing scientific products and conducting experiments to test their efficiency.


Please feel free to contact https://conductscience.com/contact-us/ you’d like to find out more about the products we offer. Our experts are on hand to chat, and if you’re a scientist, we’d love to hear about the things you’re creating.


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