Get in front of thousands of creators and professionals building without code.

What is Makerpad?

Makerpad is a place where professionals and creators come to discover, learn about and connect with no-code companies. We provide company profiles to share job roles and educational content to thousands of no-coders each week.

Why get listed on Makerpad

Makerpad provides a way for you to share your job roles and product to the no-code community. 

In addition to getting in front of thousands of no-coders per week, a profile will help you articulate use cases for professionals and creators. Lastly, having a profile helps you connect to more informed candidates. We have an intro system for talent too. 

The breakdown of what you get:

- company profile with room for content (job posts and educational tutorials/walkthroughs)

- verified Makerpad badge

- featured on the site

- unlimited job postings and content posting (each shared via newsletter - 7k and twitter - 18k & featured on the site)

- consultation from me on what we could demonstrate to the no-code community. 

Here is the backstory of Makerpad and here are some of our stats.

There are currently 3 formats available:

Company profiles

- Job posts
- Space to provide educational content (tutorials)
- Newsletter distribution (for each tutorial posted)
- A verified Makerpad badge


Costs vary depending on how many tutorials and job posts are included.


Example page | Example Tutorial

(Company page on the left, Tutorial on the right)
Homepage sponsorship

This format is featured on the homepage for 30 days and is very un-obtrusive.


$2,000 for 30 days (3 spaces available)
$5,000 to exclusively take all 3 spaces

Newsletter sponsorship

The newsletter is weekly and goes out on a Sunday with a collection of tutorials, templates and updates from Makerpad.
- 6,531+ subscribers
- 39.41% open rate


$500 for 1 newsletter spot (3 spaces available per newsletter)