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At Makerpad we teach individuals and teams from startups to large corporations. We run and host workshops, tutorials, courses and more.


Tutorials are the bread and butter of Makerpad. We've have 100+ currently on a wide range of topics. We focus on creators and professionals - anything to help you in work or for your side projects.


Workshops are usually live, online events lasting 1-3+ hours. An expert will walk through something they've built and work with the audience on how they follow along and build it too. Workshops can be free or paid.


Courses can vary in length and subject matter. There are often a number of steps to complete in order to get you from zero to one. Courses can be taken any time and do not involve a live element.
Courses can be free or paid


Find other no-coders in your area so you can learn, share, and work together. The meetups should be about showing something off and others learning from it.
Looking to host a meetup?


Demos are a way to show off something you've built, similar to a workshop. Demos will usually have multiple speakers showing off different projects and does not involve the participants going through the steps with you (dissimilar from a workshop).

Office Hours/AMAs

If you want to give back to the community and raise your profile, you can also host Office Hours or AMAs where folks from the community can come and ask questions and get help on their no-code problems.