How to automate invoicing in Airtable

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For those who want to:

  • Manage invoicing from within Airtable
  • Automatically generate documents from Airtable

In this tool path, learn how to dynamically populate information and automatically generate invoices for projects within Airtable.

This tool-path was built by our Creator in Residence, Tessa.

What will you learn?

Create a project invoice tracker in AirtableStart now ⭢

In this tutorial, we will get started with an Airtable Project Tracker Template and customize it to add an invoice table.

Dynamically generate costs in AirtableStart now ⭢

In this video, you will learn how to modify tables so that invoices will be able to dynamically generate the total costs for any projects and tasks in your base.

Formatting the Invoices table in AirtableStart now ⭢

In this video, we're going to format our invoices table to make sure we're pulling in all the data that we need to generate our invoices

Auto-generate invoices in AirtableStart now ⭢

In this video, we're going to look at using Airtable's page designer app to auto-generate invoices.

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