How to scrape and transform web data


Intermediate to Advanced

For those who want to:

  • Create a resource using data from the web
  • Automate the collection of data from web sources
  • Transform data into different formats
  • Move data around the web

Ever wanted to extract lots of data from one or more websites without doing it manually? Web scraping tools like ParseHub and Simplescraper can help with that!

With this tool-path, you'll learn how to extract data from the web and transform that data into a useful format.

We will walk through two use-cases of web scraping. First, we'll extract data from a rescue dog website to create a central database for adopting a pet. This will showcase how web scraping can be used for projects like a directory or job board.

Next, we will look at how to pull Major League Baseball stats to inform decisions for a fantasy baseball league. This will highlight how you can use Parabola for data analytics.

This tool-path was built by our Creator in Residence, Tessa.

What will you learn?

Intro to web scraping using ParseHub and ParabolaStart now ⭢

Web scraping is a way to extract and transform data. In this tutorial, we'll introduce you to two tools for web scraping and two use-cases that teach you how to use these tools.

Getting set up with ParseHub to scrape web dataStart now ⭢

In this tutorial, you will learn how to scrape basic web data, capture a click action, select related information, and how to test in ParseHub.

Using advanced steps in ParseHub to scrape web dataStart now ⭢

This tutorial teaches you some advanced steps for ParseHub — perfect for anyone wanting to take web scraping to the next level.

How to pull scraped data from ParseHub and transform in ParabolaStart now ⭢

Learn how to integrate ParseHub with Parabola and transform scraped web data into stacked lists.

How to send scraped web data from Parabola to AirtableStart now ⭢

In this tutorial, you will learn about flows, schedules, and rules in Parabola, and how to prepare data before sending it to a database like Airtable.

Scraping web data using Simplescraper and ParabolaStart now ⭢

In this tutorial, we will look at how to scrape baseball data from a website using Simplescraper and then how to transform this data in Parabola. You will learn how to use Parabola to do simple math and how to reformat data such as dates. Then, we will send this data to Airtable to keep track of new data as it comes in. This tutorial will also highlight how you can use Parabola for data analytics.

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