How to set up a community with Circle (Part 1)

Tools included


Beginner to intermediate

For those who want to:

Create a thriving community online

Set up an event calendar within your community

Enable members to register for events within Circle

We're speaking from personal experience when we say that Circle is an awesome tool to set up and run your own community. It's easy to use, has a very useful (and ever growing) list of features, and integrates seamlessly with loads of other tools making integration into your stack headache-free.

If you're looking to start your own community from scratch, this tool-path — the first part of our complete Circle education — will show you how. There are 7 video tutorials included in the path, each walking you through a different basic Circle function.

To complete all the tutorials, you'll first need to set up accounts with Circle, Zapier and Luma, and you'll need access to a Google calendar.

Once you're done these tutorials, move to Part 2 of this tool-path.

What will you learn?

Getting started with CircleStart now ⭢

If you're not yet familiar with Circle, start here. In this tutorial we explore all the settings and functionalities Circle offers for you to launch your corner of the internet.

Setting up space groups and spaces in CircleStart now ⭢

Follow this tutorial to learn the differences between Space Groups and Spaces within Circle, and how to start setting up the areas where your community will connect with one another.

Inviting members to your Circle communityStart now ⭢

There are several ways to invite members into your Circle community. Use this tutorial to explore the different ways to send invites and discover the best approach for your community launch!

How to perform bulk actions in CircleStart now ⭢

Bulk actions within Circle allow you to take common actions on up to 1,000 rows of data with a few clicks. Easily add or remove members from spaces, add member tags, create topics, send direct messages, and remove members from your community with Circle's EasyCSV integration.

How to welcome new community members with ZapierStart now ⭢

Once your community is set up, you may want to think of ways to welcome your members after they join. This tutorial walks through two ways you can do this using Zapier.

How to embed and share a Google calendar in CircleStart now ⭢

In this tutorial, we show you how to keep your community up to date with the latest events happening within it by sharing an events calendar.

How to set up event registration with Luma & CircleStart now ⭢

Make it easy for people to register for events all while tracking event registrations with Luma's embed options within Circle.

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