How to set up a community with Circle (Part 2)



For those who want to:

Integrate a community tool with your website

Run a membership-based business with community

Implement a robust back-end for your Circle community

Automatically add members to your community

Provide a seamless login experience from your site to Circle

Following up from Part 1 of our Circle tool-path series, this tool-path focuses on some more advanced steps to setting up your community. If you've already set up your Circle community and want to go further with your integrations or streamline your workflows, this path is just what you need.

If you've not yet set up your Circle community or are only just starting out, we recommend watching the tutorials in Part 1 of this tool-path before moving on to the steps here.

What will you learn?

How to set up Outseta SSO with CircleStart now ⭢

With Outseta, you can easily create a subscription business that integrates seamlessly with Circle. In this tutorial, learn how to set up membership plans on your website and utilize Outseta's single sign on (SSO) with Circle.

How to auto-add people in Outseta as members in CircleStart now ⭢

Using Zapier, you can automatically add people in Outseta as members in your Circle community based off the plan they are subscribed to with Outseta.

How to integrate Circle with Super & NotionStart now ⭢

Just because your site is simple doesn't mean you need to forego the power of a community tool. In this tutorial learn how to integrate your Circle community into your Super site powered by Notion.

How to set up MemberSpace SSO with Super, Notion and CircleStart now ⭢

Learn how to integrate Circle with MemberSpace's SSO and add community as a membership perk.

How to integrate Circle with WordPress SSOStart now ⭢

There are a lot of different plugins that allow you to run your membership-based site on WordPress, but not all of them allow you to integrate seamlessly with Circle. In this tutorial, you will learn how to integrate Circle seamlessly into your WordPress site using SSO.

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