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Build, design and integrate clickflows – the next-generation of web forms.

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We believe that user interaction is the most important activity on the web. And we believe that clickflows are the best way to achieve great interactions.

Building outstanding clickflows has been reserved for the tech elite for too long. We are here to empower creators, designers and entrepreneurs to build clickflows – without compromises.


  • Choose from 25+ building blocks to build a versatile flow in no time – just drag & drop!
  • Define routes and if-this-then-that logic to engage smarter, more human, simply better.
  • Share your flow with your team and start building together.


  • Leverage the power of style variables and design a pixel-perfect experience.
  • Find the perfect icon in 4+ icon libraries with more than 30.000 icons.
  • Want to embed your design quickly? Use Niro’s Design System Editor to match your style in a matter of minutes.


  • Understand your users’ behaviour with Niro’s analytics dashboard.
  • Measure your clickflow’s performance by natively integrating Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel
  • Pass URL parameters automatically from your landing page to your flow.
  • Granularly track all events happening in your flow using the DataLayer.


  • Easily embed your clickflow on your website via Niro’s smart embed-widget.
  • Connect your clickflow with your own domain in Niro.
  • Receive your responses via email, GSheets, Pipedrive, Slack, Asana and over 2000 other services via Zapier.


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