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💼 Create a Job Board with Boundless
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💼 Create a Job Board with Boundless

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Submitted by Mitchell Wright

First we will plan out the features that we want our job board to have.

Now we want to create the tables to store the data for the job board. We will create just two tables for now:

  • Jobs
  • Leads

The Leads table will have one new field:

  • Email (email)

The Jobs table will have the following fields:

  • Job title (single line text)
  • Job application link (URL)
  • Job location (location)
  • Job description (multiple line rich text)
  • Job categories (single select)
  • Company name (single line text)
  • Company logo (image)
  • Contact Email (email)
  • Approved (boolean)

Next we need to add the stripe integration so we can collect payment from companies that want to post jobs. We will need a Stripe account and to grab the API keys from our dashboard. Then we can enter the API keys into Boundless in the Integrations section.

Now we need to build the form to allow companies to submit the information about their job posting. We will create a new page in Boundless, and add a form that will create the new job posting.

In the form submission actions, we need to add the workflow to take payment. In a following step we will create a Thank You page to send users to once the payment is successful.

Next up is the home page, where we will display all of the jobs that are posted. We’ll create the button that takes someone to the job posting page, the form where users can sign up for email updates, and the view of all the current jobs that people can apply to.

We’ll build the job detail page, which is where people will be taken when they click on a job from the home page. This will contain the job description, company name, the date the job was posted, and the link to the job application.

Let’s submit a test application and see how everything looks.

We’ll do a few touchups to the design, create a thank you page, and make sure that everything is functioning properly.

We’ll finally hook the email sign up to Zapier so we can send it to an email marketing tool like Mailchimp.

To take this to the next level, we could allow companies to create an account first, so that they can see all the job postings that they’ve posted in the past, and which job postings are currently live.

We can also do a lot of design work to make things look nicer.

Finally, we can add an additional field to make sure that the job postings expire after a certain number of days.

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