🌮 Instacart mini-clone
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🌮 Instacart mini-clone

This mini app shows how you can use Coda.io, Zapier and Airtable to create a mini food ordering system.

How it works:
  • Pick a restaurant from the dropdown (which references the Restaurant names in another table)
  • The Menu table gets filtered based on the restaurant name and shows the corresponding Menu items and cost
  • The Add and Remove buttons are formulas which trigger the fields # of Items by +1 or -1
  • Total Cost is just the # of items multiplied by the Price
  • The Order Text is a formula to add # of items text plus the Menu Item
  • When you click Check Out it sends this data to the Orders table
  • A new Order ID is generated and all the relevant data for a food order is added in the right columns
  • When a new Order ID line is added, this triggers a Zapier Zap
  • The Zap sends the data from the Coda doc to the Airtable base
  • From there you can automatically send emails if a restaurant name is selected or many other things.

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