Makerpad is where people like you learn to build without code.

I built Makerpad to help people learn how to build products without code.

I used to lead Community at Product Hunt where I saw thousands of products launch. I used to be the 'ideas' person who couldn't actually create anything without relying on someone technical. While at Product Hunt, the maker community and new tools being released inspired me to start tinkering.

My issue was that I always wanted to build 'this thing' or 'that thing' - whether Airbnb for X or whatever. The common advice is to get a technical co-founder or learn to code. I just want to build the thing, I'm not necessarily thinking it will hit $Millions in revenue. If I knew what I wanted to build, I didn't want to learn coding for 9 months to make a mediocre version of it. I wanted to use tools to get me there, faster.

Fast forward a couple years and I've now built over 50 products without code.

Knowing how to code should not be the barrier between being able to make or not. Most of the time I only ever aim for the '80% done'. Which means if I think of something, could I build the 80% version of this without code, using the tools out there I already know or could learn in minutes and hours vs days and weeks.

The no code movement is everything. Everyone should be pumped about it. I don't see it as either you're a coder or no coder. It's a wider opportunity for those who can't code build something where they previously couldn't but I see lots of technical folks reach out about building without code.

Makerpad is a collection of tutorials, templates and tools to show you what can be achieved without code and how you can do it. You'll get support from the community of like-minded people and from me to help you figure out how to build your idea without code.

Makerpad is for everyone who's been told to learn to code or find a technical co-founder. It's for those of you who felt like you could never actually build your own thing.

We all can.

I'm an indie, solo-maker so all the memberships here help me continue to build Makerpad.  I also work with Earnest Capital - funding for bootstrappers.