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Learn to build powerful applications without code

No-code tools are simplifying software. Anyone can make fully functional applications and complex workflows by linking apps together like LEGO® blocks.

Makerpad is a new type of program, training the LEGO® builders.

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"An evangelist for makers around the world. Ben approaches product-building with discipline, focused on rapid experimentation to build something people want."
Ryan Hoover - Founder, Product Hunt
"Watching and learning from Ben has enabled me as a founder to see product from a different pair of eyes. He showed the tech scene what it means to build and harness a fantastic community around the most solid ideas."
Cat Noone - Founder, Iris
"A prolific maker who made his way into the Silicon Valley tech scene with no prior technical knowledge. His ability to come up with ideas and launch MVPs is so useful and critical to creating a valuable product that I'm glad he is going to teach others the same."
Hiten Shah - Serial Entrepreneur

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