There are apps that really take your no-code setup to another level, Zapier is that for me (there are others, like IFTTT). You set up workflows from a trigger in an app, then use Zaps to complete actions automatically. There’s over 1000 apps on Zapier you can connect and lots of them are ones you’ll recognise. There are lots of already made Zaps which you can set up easily or your can build custom ones yourself. Some examples of using Zapier: Automatically contacting a user via email who signed up to your form, send yourself an SMS when you get a new sign up or create tasks in Trello for your contractor to work through.

Makerpad offers a free, tailored online program that teaches you how to build in minutes and validate with real paying customers, without code. Guaranteed to help you get something built in 7 days or less, flexible to fit your busy lifestyle and catered to your skills.