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October 29, 2020
Partner announcement

Makerpad + Stackby

We’re excited to announce that Stackby is now a Makerpad partner! Stackby gives you the building blocks of spreadsheets, databases and APIs in an all-in-one flexible platform. It allows you to plan, manage and automate your work. Stackby is as easy as a spreadsheet but you can mould it into a powerful database that your teams will love to use. All on day zero. 

Stackby can help you to create your perfect application with over 25+ unique column data types and build your ideal relational database. Evolve it into a powerful custom solution for your teams or business with ever increasing capabilities. 

If you’re tired of manually updating your spreadsheets then Stackby can help effective teams to save both time and money. Connect columns to services, pull data automatically in your table and refresh data in real-time. Get spreadsheet superpowers and save $$ automating your work!

Stackby enables you to creatively visualize & organize your data in different ways including grid, kanban, calendar, gallery & forms too! It has both the simplicity and flexibility you need! 

Check out their company profile to see how Stackby, no coding necessary. Ask your Stackby questions and share your projects in the community to get started.


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